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Novel Synopsis: Super-Earth Mother 


Super-Earth Mother is a hard SF novel that describes a new way for humans to colonize an exoplanet orbiting a distant star. Synthetic biology allows GMO humans to survive on a new world that is different from Earth (e.g. high gravity, alien biology). Initially, colonists are hatched from artificial wombs. Transhuman colonists then breed and populate the planet.

“Epilogue” Excerpt
Short story in Tesseracts 20 
[Ending of Super-Earth Mother

Plot Summary:

Super-Earth Mother is a novel comprised of four Books, each set in a different time and place, with unique characters that carry the action. This structure takes the reader from the Moon, on a thousand-year interstellar journey, to the birth of humans on exoplanet Valencia, to the adventures of colonization of a world filled with Paleozoic alien creatures. 

Book 1: Journey to a Star

The Mothership is constructed on the Moon. Piloted by an AI (Mother-9), it makes a 1000-year journey across interstellar space, to Lalande 21185, a red dwarf star with a habitable planet Valencia, 8.31 light years away.

Book 2: Strange New World

On arrival, Mother-9 launches two Lifeboats that splash-down on the Valencia’s Great Ocean. Each Lifeboat has two artificial wombs that hatch human babies with synthetic DNA. Nannybots raise the first human babies. 

Book 3: Utopia Compromised

The first humans struggle to survive on a wilderness world filled with dangerous creatures and limited food. Although created with Utopian ideals, human conflicts threaten the colonists. 

Book 4: Survival

Humans learn to live on Valencia and discover continent-spanning intelligent aliens that manage the ecology of the planet when Valencia’s star becomes unstable with flares and sunspots.


“Epilogue” is the second story published in the Super-Earth Mother ficton (fictional universe). Published in Tesseracts 20 Science Fiction Anthology spring of 2017. “Epilogue” is a also the end of the Super-Earth Mother novel.


My novelette “Super-Earth Mother” is included in the Extreme Planets anthology, available from Amazon or from the publisher. The anthology features hard SF stories from Hugo and Nebula award winners David Brin and Gregory BenfordPeter WattsBrian Stableford, and others. Edited by David Conyers, David Kernot, and Jeff Harris, with cover illustrations by Paul Drummond

The anthology has stories set on planets orbiting distant stars, called exoplanets. There are about 1000 known exoplanets, some of which are Earth-like, but bigger, called “Super-Earths.”

“Super-Earth Mother” chronicles the experiences of Mother Nine, an AI (artificially intelligent) robotic space-craft who starts a human colony on the exoplanet Valencia, using synthetic biology and artificial wombs. 


Mother Nine’s Artificial Wombs

Original illustration by Mondolithic Studios 
Remixed with permission by Guy Immega

Read a review at Best Science Fiction Stories. The reviewer Konstantine Paradias said: 

  •   "The story details an entire planet with a colorful ecosystem of stunning variety."
  •   “Valencia [the fictional planet in “Super-Earth Mother”] could kick Pandora’s ass [the fictional planet in James Cameron’s Avatar movie] in sixteen seconds flat.” 
  •   “[Super-Earth Mother] explains how modifications of humans are necessary to allow survival on alien worlds.” 
  •   "You know you’re reading a good hard sci-fi story when it has conveyed Fermi’s Paradox in two paragraphs."  
  •   "It makes you smarter, even as it keeps you at the edge of your seat."  
  •   "It also makes you care about a brain-damaged, almost impotent AI trapped in the orbit of a world that is slowly killing her."
  •   By email: “Super-Earth Mother was a blast to read and pretty much the best story in the anthology (and it was a damn hard pick, let me tell you)."
  •   By email:  "I haven't had this much fun reading a hard sf story since Egan's Diaspora."

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